Technological equipment is used at any modern enterprise. The result of production and the quality of products directly depend on the quality it has and the timely equipping of all the necessary jobs with it. What is the reason? Reducing the time to perform manual operations can reduce the complexity, significantly increase reliability and accuracy during the production of finished products. Such technological equipment at the enterprise minimizes the production of defective products, simplifies the production process and increases productivity. It also forms the basis for multi-station production. Production and design of tooling is a rather time-consuming process. Here it is necessary to constantly apply the most advanced and modern achievements of science and technology. Modern requirements that apply to the entire engineering industry, require a better approach directly to the production process. That is why the production of tooling is divided into several main stages:

• Approval and signing of all necessary contracts for the supply of MOT.

• Development of tooling.

• Its design.

• Modernization of products if necessary.

• Delivery and delivery THEN customer.

• Signing of all acceptance documents.

• Technical support throughout the warranty period.

The production of tooling is performed by highly qualified specialists in specially designed systems, such as CAD, CAE and CAM. After it has been manufactured, the next very important step is performed - the formation of a simulator for the manufacture of the part itself. This is done with the aim to perform a more detailed analysis of the structure at the design stage and test its performance until it is embodied in a metal product. It also makes it possible to develop special control programs for CNC machines. As a result, all these activities significantly reduce the time of manufacturing high-quality MOT.