This equipment has a very important role in the work of any enterprise engaged in metal processing. And this is absolutely without exaggeration. Indeed, at the present time in this industry there is simply a huge number of universal devices (several million) of the most diverse purpose. In order to make one piece, on average, about ten such devices are used. The tooling of the lathe can significantly improve the quality of parts produced by the company and labor productivity. The most popular tooling for machines of this type is: a lathe chuck, various bushings, a tool holder, blades, a vice, milling tools for a lathe, a cutting tool, various auxiliary products and much more. With this tooling, it is possible to turn products safely, with a high level of accuracy and productivity. Due to the fact that during such work, the part itself needs to be rotated with its reliable fixation for turning at different speeds, it is necessary to use tool sizes and various accessories.