The organization of jobs includes three main categories: planning, equipment and maintenance. At each production site, all the necessary equipment must be available to enable you to effectively and efficiently carry out all the planned work. It is also obliged to ensure safety and comfort during the execution of various technological operations, to release personnel from heavy physical labor and to easily manage the equipment itself. Exactly the same requirements are applied to tooling. These means of mandatory technological equipment of the workplace allow operators to efficiently and effectively perform their work. The types and quantity of this equipment are determined on the basis of the process cards themselves. They are obliged to correspond to the nature of all work performed at a particular site and to give the opportunity to maximize the use of all available technological capabilities of the equipment.                     In addition to all this, the technological equipment of the workplace must be convenient to use, guarantee the minimum amount of time during its installation and be safe for all working personnel. Such equipmentin mechanical engineering includes:

  • varioustoolkits;
  • fixtures for fixing and installing blanks;
  • controlsandmeasurements;
  • cuttingtool;

technical, reference and accounting documentation.