• More than 1000 studies of cold forming produced parts

  • Production and design of all type of projects and tools

  • Studies of special parts for all kind of machines

  • Since 2003, the department of technological innovation working in the automation of the  implementation of process, with the construction of a new grinding internal machine, fully automatic CNC


In this department the first phases of the production are carried out. WFMT GROUP is equipped with 8 OKUMA lather that allow you to achieve what no one else can do: the machining of any type of carbide, including the ultra-hard.

This has been possible thanks to the know-how of WFMT GROUP the technical team has spent many years experimenting and testing to achieve this level of skills and work with new qualities of carbide appeared on the market.

The machining department also has the responsibility for the performance of   required finishes for each part.

MACHINING OUTSIDE                                                                                                                                           

Has all the latest technology for the machining of any type of profile, such as polygons, oblong, etc., with rough finish up to N6. Any geometric shape can be carried out without damage to the carbide...the erosion only for the minimum required

MACHINING INSIDE                                                                                                                                             

The department responsible for the machining of inner circular shapes, automatic, robotic, working on the inner shapes circular, through programs designed in CAD-CAM by the technical our team. This avoids the risk of human error in the machine and also achieves a mirror-polished finish.

In addition, the automation digital control brings even more advantages: a perfect repeatability of the internal forms in series rays homogeneous ensuring the tangent points with a maximum precision.


In the automotive sector, quality is paramount. 100% of the production is reviewed, and the slightest failure is not accepted. Suppliers of automobile manufacturers must have reliable tools constantly.

These parts with a technical difficulty more and more important, where each step goes beyond the limits that seemed previously impossible. WFMT GROUP has seen all these technological advances and has accumulated  a huge experience in the design and production of tools for the automotive industry.


The industry of the fastening elements is a traditional activity for WFMT GROUP. In addition to the automotive sector, WFMT GROUP is present in other markets such as supplies annexes, construction, or furnishing. In the interior of all these markets, the tooling needs are greatly diversified. Therefore the characteristics of the tools necessary dimensions, qualities and types are very heterogeneous.

Each process requires a different tool, and WFMT GROUP accumulate the necessary experience in the development and production of the most suitable tools every occasion. WFMT GROUP helps customers to find solutions to the problems imposed by technological innovation.


WFMT GROUP offers technical assistance and provides the tools for manufacturers compressed metal powder, with a particular focus on the automotive sector.
Customers around the world rely on WFMT GROUP when they need quality tools, or to find the solution to a technical problem related to their tools. WFMT GROUP has developed the ability to recovery tools so that they can be reused, thereby reducing the costs of production. WFMT GROUP manufactures tools with smallest tolerances That is gives possibility work in markets with the toughest technical challenges.


In the creation of ammunition, it is necessary to use carbide dies, with  high precision for a perfect series production. With a quality 100% guarantee, customers expect from WFMT GROUP matrices, where the dimensions remain the same, with very tight tolerances and with points tangent accurate in every matrix. WFMT GROUP has the ideal technology to produce the tools that its customers, manufacturers of ammunition. WFMT GROUP tooling allows ensuring long series with a perfect repeatability.


The matrices carbide are used in the manufacture of different types of bearings.  Tools need to be very precise and with a long lifespan that will allow them to get the finishes needed to produce quality products.

Either for the automotive sector or to other sectors, the matrices S.G. WFMT GROUP for the production of bearings are used everywhere in the world. The most challenging companies around. The most of worldwide companies with challenging technical orders  rely on the quality of WFMT GROUP.