In order to manufacture various casting molds, it is necessary to use specially designed tools used in the enterprise in various technological casting processes. A part of such a mold tooling needed to form a mold is a molding kit. These models are universal devices that are intended to obtain cavity impressions from the molding sand, which correspond to the external configuration of the casting itself. All of its openings and contours are formed using rods that are mounted in the forms themselves during their assembly.
Metal models have greater durability, high level of accuracy, as well as a clean work surface. In most cases, they are made of aluminum, which has a low density, does not oxidize and is perfectly cut.
Flasks are fairly durable metal frames of any shape. They are intended for the manufacture of foundry molds from molding compounds. Most often they are made of steel, gray iron and aluminum alloys. They can also be welded, cast or assembled from individual cast parts. The walls of this design make with small holes. This reduces its weight, removes excess gases and improves the bonding of the molding sand with the flask itself. The connection of this design is carried out using specially designed pins, as well as centering holes.