Medical Equipments

Medical mask is a unique means of individual protection of the skin of the face and respiratory organs from various small particles. They are most often used to prevent infection with viruses and bacteria that are transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person by airborne droplets. However, many studies have confirmed that the most effective....

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Heater for industrial fasteners production

The latest automatic induction heating system for the production of stainless steel fasteners. The heater is installed inside the machine body, immediately before the cutting matrix. Working temperature 300-500C. Speed of feeding system - 10mm per sec.


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All kind of our heaters can be used to any kind of machines. It is forging, hot and cold forming. HEATER MODULE FOR FEED SYSTEM HOT FORMING LINE (CONVEYOR) SPEED OF MOVEMENT – 5sec per 1pc of bar. 


1. small size and weight

2. minimum heat loss when heated

3. e....

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